Hail Damage Car Repair

When Mother Nature strikes, G2Hail is here to help! From hail dents to other weather related damage, G2Hail offers a variety of services to help get your car back to pre-storm condition. Storm damage can be impossible to avoid, so we make hail damage repair not only possible, but also quick and affordable. We'll even work with your insurance company to make sure the repairs are covered in your policy.

Pay No Deductible on PDR services

Pay No Deductible!

Deductible assistance up to $500 available.

Fast trunaround on paintless dent repair

Fast Turnaround!

Most repairs are able to be completed in a day or two*.

Loaner cars available

Free Loaner Car!

Loaner cars available if there is no rental coverage on your policy.

Limited lifetime warranty on all PDR repairs.

Lifetime Warranty!

Limited lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Why Choose G2Hail.com

  • Your car maintains its factory finish, so you won't be left with an imperfect color match, overspraying, an incomplete seal, or damage to adjacent painted surfaces.
  • G2Hail works with all insurance companies to facilitate your repair. All you need to do is obtain a claim number and we'll do the rest.
  • G2Hail PDR technicians are very knowledgeable about most car makes. They skillfully remove and replace interior panels without harming your vehicle's appearance and integrity.
  • PDR protects your investment in your vehicle. A repainted vehicle loses value in the market because repainting suggests deeper repairs and perhaps future problems.
  • Time in our PDR facility is usually less than a day and, in any case, significantly shorter than a body shop repair and repaint.
  • PDR is easier on the environment: Dent Shop specialists achieve exceptional results without sanding and painting. Our procedure is clean and our tools are reusable.

Paintless Dent Assessment

Our technicians will carefully assess the damage to your car and determine whether paintless dent repair is the best course of action. This greatly depends on the location and size of the dents or creases, as well as the extent to which the paint has been stretched. You will be presented with a detailed repair plan which will also include any other type of repairs needed.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, also known as PDR, is the best course of action when repairing minor dents or dings. It is a cost-effective solution to minor, unsightly damage caused by shopping carts, hail storms or other unexpected bumps in the road, as it does not require the expenses involved in sanding, body fillers or keeping the original finish of your car.

Our highly trained technicians will be able to evaluate the size and location of dents (or other types of damage) and assess whether or not this technique is appropriate to repair your vehicle.


Featured Services

Hail Damage Dent Repair

Hail Damage Dent Repair

When it comes to your car or truck, one of the last things you want to see in a storm is hail. Our certified team can repair the hail damage on your vehicle with speed and precision, all while saving you money.

Door Ding Repair

Door Ding Repair

Parking lots are a very real danger for your vehicle. Good news for you is we are able to remove dings and dents that are located along car molding and panels.

Object Collision Dent Repair

Object Collision Dent Repair

This can happen in any parking lot whether it's at work, the mall or a grocery store. A dent that is repaired at a body shop via conventional bodywork with a paint job will likely be over your insurance deductible. With Paintless Dent Repair, you make no claims.

Motorcycle Dent Repair

Motorcycle Dent Repair

Your motorcycle is just as susceptible to dings, small object collisions, and dent damage as any vehicle. We are one of the only shops in our region to provide Motorcycle Paintless Dent Repair and can get your motorcycle back to perfect.


  • Insurance estimates are often lower than they should be. This can be due to several factors including poor estimating conditions.
  • It is important to have your vehicle repaired, especially if you file a claim, because your insurance may not honor future claims if you can not provide proof that you had the vehicle's previous damage repaired.
  • You, as the customer, have the right to choose who completes the repairs. Some insurance companies will lead you to believe that you have to use one their "recommended" or "preferred" shops. This often has more to do with who gives the insurance companies the biggest discounts and not who necessarily does the best work.
  • If you lease the car and don't get the repairs done, there will be a major value deduction at the time of return.

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Pay No Deductible / Free Rental Car Program

You can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands with G2Hail.com.

  • First and foremost, we can give you THE BEST dent repair in North Texas. Check out some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers and the 'Before and After' photos of our work.
  • We put quality first and then go the extra mile to ensure an immaculate repair on your vehicle.
  • We are committed to ethical business practice -- always.
  • Free estimates are just a call/text/email away.
  • Contact us in your preferred communication and we'll provide our best estimate based on size, severity of the damage, and location on the vehicle. However, it is advised if the damage is sever, then you should bring it in for a hands on evaluation and estimate

To save time and money when your car has a dent or ding, choose

G2Hail Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a more affordable option for the removal of minor dents and dings.
To schedule a repair or request a free quote, contact our professional team at G2Hail today.

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What people are saying...

I am not a guy who knows much about cars, so when I take my car in for any repairs, I expect to get screwed on price. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at G2Hail. They informed me that I had Comprehensive Damage insurance, then worked with my insurance company on two issues, and finally returned my car as if it hadn't been hit with the hail. My insurance paid for everything, there was no deductable and it took less than the two hours they estimated. I definitely recommended this service.
Chris Wells

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