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Accelerate Your Automotive Business with a G2Hail Partnership.

You've worked hard, grown your business from the ground up. Now, take your business to the next level. Our Franchise Partners love our powerful network of partnerships and resources for many reasons, but our results speak for themselves.

  • Reduce operational costs with our proprietary online business management system
  • Improved monthly sales volume via our DRP relationships
  • Boosted recurring income through national fleet partnerships
  • Significant savings on products with rebates that pay you back
  • Shop productivity amplified by our industry-leading training and management systems
  • Increased consumer leads through our innovative digital marketing campaigns
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Advertising
  • Development
  • Search

Accelerate Your Automotive Business with a G2Hail Partnership.

Operational Support

G2Hail's proprietary operational platform, LEADS, helps you measure your business performance against industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so you can run your business like a finely-tuned machine. To start, your G2Hail Area Manager of Operations (AMO) will coach, counsel and consult you on key metrics.

At G2Hail, we are one big family, and your success is something we all celebrate. To help make that possible, we offer 5 groups, known as LEADS Performance Groups (LPGs), for collaboration on business best practices and new ideas for growth and efficiencies.

Word on the Street

With G2Hail you'll have a team of marketing experts and world-class marketing agency working for you and with you to drive customers to your business and broaden brand awareness. The G2Hail Marketing team accomplishes this through strategic marketing campaigns and PR coverage that drive business to your G2Hail location.

To complement that, the G2Hail Marketing Team will strategize and consistently optimize your local online digital presence, as well as make continuous improvements to strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO) and local business listing(s).